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Temple Chai Legacy Commitments

Susan Albert

Susan Ghertner

Lisa J. Goldstein

Maury Goldstein

LTC (R) Felix Gonzales and Patricia Gaitan Londono

Laurie Greenberg

Lewis Greenberg

Gayle and Ron Kipp

Rabbi David Komerofsky

Bob Markman

Lee Markman

Glenn A. Reed

Steve and Farel Sherman

Michael and Barbara Stern

Jimmy and Doris z"l Toubin

Brandon Trefero

Candice Trefero

Anonymous (2)

The Jewish Federation of San Antonio is participating in LIFE & LEGACY™, an initiative of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation.  Temple Chai is one of the organizations partnering in San Antonio to ensure a vibrant future for our entire Jewish community.  There are many vehicles you may use to leave a legacy gift – bequest, life insurance, IRA, charitable remainder trusts, charitable gift annuity, or donor advised funds. Temple Chai's federal EIN is 82-2989052.

Temple Chai's Case Statement


Inspired by yesterday, embracing today, aspiring to a deeper and more meaningful tomorrow, we are small enough to know every member’s name and large enough to meet every member’s needs.  Every individual and family that calls Temple Chai home today is part of the congregation’s founding generation, creating the culture and laying the path that is defining our second decade.


Temple Chai’s rabbi reminds us that Jews do not belong to synagogues, synagogues belong to Jews. It is in that spirit that Temple Chai helps all who seek a connection with Reform expressions of tradition in an intimate and accessible setting without unnecessary barriers. We do ritual without standing on ceremony, take Jewish living and learning but not ourselves seriously, and filter the oldest values of Judaism through a modern and flexible lens. We are open to all who seek meaning, and value the gifts that every person brings to our community.


Temple Chai is a living laboratory of Jewish values and a thriving experiment testing how to be a modern Jewish San Antonian whose embrace of the future is stronger than a yearning for the past.  At Temple Chai we are embracing tomorrow today, one person at a time.


As a part of this founding generation, we invite you to be among the first to lay the foundation for the sustenance of Temple Chai. This is our chance to leave a legacy of which we can all be proud. Please make your legacy gift today to ensure a bright tomorrow.